A Joint Statement From: HealthServe, HOME: Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics , Transient Workers Count Too – TWC2

Issued: 18th February 2020

To our migrant friends,

On 7th February 2020, Singapore’s government raised its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange in light of the evolving situation of COVID-19.

We would like to assure you that HealthServe, HOME and TWC2 have already put precautionary measures in place while remaining committed to the needs of migrant workers and foreign domestic workers.

We understand that during this time, there’s a lot of confusion and fear, with some making decisions based on unverified information and news.

This is what we know so far:
• There have been no deaths yet in Singapore due to the COVID-19 virus, likely that this is less deadly than other strains, such as SARS and MERS.
• COVID-19 virus currently has a small percentage of people dying from the virus and a large majority recover fully within a few weeks.

However as this situation continues to evolve we ask our migrant friends to:
1. Use masks wisely, you do not need to wear one if you are not sick.
2. Wash your hands with soap and use disinfectant regularly to clean your phones to reduce the spread of germs.
3. Remain calm and not spread any xenophobic or unverified news/information, if you must share, please share good or positive news!

If you need help and your employer is not supporting you, you can still approach any of us for the following:

Doctor for consultation and medication, Dentist for serious tooth pains, food and assistance.
Clinic line: 9487 1377
Casework line: 64933282 / 67438526

Workers in distress can reach out to us through our hotline numbers:
+1800-797 7977 (Toll Free) / +65 6341 5525
+65 97873122 (Whatsapp / Viber)
+65 6341 5535

Food and assistance if you have any salary/injury disputes with your employer.
Hotline: +65 6297 7564 or 1800 888 1515

NCID Hotline – 6256 6011
Only if you have a high fever and difficulties breathing.

We hope that you will stand with us against this atmosphere of fear and we are open to answering your questions and concerns as best as we can.

Wish to seek assistance for migrant workers?

Are you a migrant worker, employer or concerned member of the community who wish to seek assistance for migrant worker(s)?
Click on the button below to call HealthServe’s 24-hour crisis helpline for support.

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