Temporary Changes to HealthServe Operations until DORSCON Level Orange steps down

In light of DORSCON-Orange level announced on Friday 7th Feb, HealthServe has put further precautionary measures in place while remaining committed to meeting the needs of migrant workers in Singapore.

In the last few days because of the restricted movement of healthcare staff, we have faced a sudden severe shortage of medical volunteers which caused us to make the difficult decision to close our clinics last weekend.

Moving forward we will strive to keep our Geylang clinic operational at 3 sessions a week, as our clinic sessions show that many still need medical and dental support.

We are not taking this situation lightly, that’s why we have already implemented precautionary measures at all our clinics and centres including separation of teams, temperature and travel screenings and disinfecting areas on a regular basis.

However, we have been heartened by stories of those who still seek to show kindness and selflessness against an atmosphere of fear and self-preservation. At our first clinic session after DORSCON Level Orange was announced, a South Asian man at our clinic decided to give up his place in the queue for whoever ‘needed more help’ – to put this in context, our patients can queue up to 5 hours to see a doctor at our clinics and many give up a work day (which means one day less income for their families) in exchange to get the medical help they need from our clinics.

We are so incredibly thankful for our community of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentists who are still able and willing to serve as well as casework and social services volunteers who are on the ground helping our staff to run our food projects and do case intakes.

Thank you to everyone on the front lines, we know a lot of our volunteers are in public hospitals sacrificing time with family and friends to serve in this crucial time.

How can you help?

1. Do not spread xenophobic or negative news/information – instead, share the good stuff!

2. Practice understanding and kindness in this period of uncertainty we are aware that many healthcare centres like ours and even government centres have been working longer hours than usual – appreciate not hate.

3. Donate any extra masks, Vitamin C or hand sanitiser you may have – we will share them with migrant workers whose dormitories have not been able to provide or who do not have access to buy them. HealthServe also needs disposable medical gowns for our clinics.

4. If you are a Doctor, Orthopaedic or Dermatology Specialist, Dentist or Pharmacists without volunteer restrictions please consider serving with us in our Geylang Clinic. Email [email protected] for more information.

HealthServe Changes for February and March

1. New Geylang Clinic Timings:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday – 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Mandai and Jalan Papan Clinics: CLOSED for February

2. No onsite Healthserve Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physiotherapy (PT) Clinics

3. We will be suspending non-urgent dental appointments in Feb/March and focusing on more urgent cases. All cleaning/scaling appointments will be pushed to April. Please contact our clinic number below for help.

4. Our food project and financial assistance still continues, however all clients are required to take daily temperature checks and travel/contact screening in all our centres. We also encouraged clients at Jalan Besar Food Project to take their food back home to eat.

5. All casework and social services are still operational, however we are limiting case intakes (we will assess on a case by case basis) and not taking in any new counselling clients.

6. We will not be hosting any large groups or hospitality activities (food/drinks/gifts distribution).

Thank you for your kind understanding on this. Please share this out with any migrant workers in Singapore.




Wish to seek assistance for migrant workers?

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