Code of Conduct Policy

Code of Conduct for Interns/Volunteers

  • Appearance

HealthServe requires all interns/volunteers to be appropriately attired at all times in relation to their roles and where uniforms are required, these should be worn. Interns/volunteers are to ensure that personal hygiene and grooming are properly attended to prior to presenting themselves for duty.

  • Personal Data

All interns/volunteers are required to use the personal data (as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012), acquired by or supplied to him/her during the course of or incidental to his/her employment by HealthServe, (“personal data”) only for the purpose for which the personal data was provided for. All interns/volunteers must hold the personal data in strict confidence in accordance with the Confidentiality clause below. All interns/volunteers must destroy or return to HealthServe, on demand, any document containing any personal data and any copy which may have been made, and use its best endeavours to expunge all personal data from any computer, word processor or other device containing any personal data. 

  • Confidentiality

All interns/volunteers shall keep confidential all information which are acquired by or supplied to him/her during the course of or incidental to his/her role in HealthServe (“Confidential Information”) and will not (a) discuss, communicate or disclose or otherwise make available such Confidential Information to any third parties including the media; and (b) make or publish any statement on social media concerning any Confidential Information or any matters in relation thereto; unless with prior written consent of HealthServe’s Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”). 

All interns/volunteers shall not use any Confidential Information for the interns/volunteers’ personal gain or advantage and shall take all necessary security precautions and measures to safeguard the integrity and prevent the unauthorised use or disclosure of such Confidential Information. The duty of confidentiality extends to HealthServe’s affairs, properties, personal data of HealthServe’s employees, interns, volunteers, clients and all other parties included in HealthServe’s privacy policy. 

Any breach of confidentiality is considered a gross misconduct and could lead to termination of service.

  • Gifts and Hospitality

HealthServe prohibits interns/volunteers from accepting any gifts or kickback (money, favours or in kind) from any client, supplier, or any other person doing business with HealthServe. 

  • Communication with Media

Interns/volunteers are not to misrepresent HealthServe to any third party on any matters and not allowed to communicate with the media without the prior approval of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

  • Harassment and Safety

Workplace harassment can occur when one party at the workplace or external parties/clients/stakeholders demonstrate behaviour or conduct themselves in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to another party. Such behaviour can violate a person’s dignity or create an unfavourable work environment for him/her, which poses a risk to the person’s safety and health. Workplace harassment include but are not limited to: (1) Threatening, abusive or insulting language, comments or other non-verbal gestures; (2) Physical violence; (3) Bullying, including cyber-bullying; (4) Sexual harassment; (5) Stalking.  Workplace harassment can take place through different modes of communications, such as email, text messaging or social media; and can occur within and beyond HealthServe’s premises, such as dormitories, recreational centers, office compound/neighbourhood or other work-related occasions/locations. Workplace harassment can be directed at and/or carried out by: Co-workers (including employees, interns and volunteers), supervisors/managers, people interacted with in the course of duty e.g. clients/patients, contractors, other stakeholders, passersby or third parties.

HealthServe does not tolerate any form of physical, psychological, verbal or sexual harassment. All interns/volunteers need to be professional in their own behaviour and ensure that appropriate standards of behaviour are maintained in discharging their duties. Interns/volunteers must treat everyone with respect and dignity and be culturally sensitive, tolerant and respectful towards each other. HealthServe may terminate our relationship with interns/volunteers who are guilty of harassment and in more serious case, a police report may be lodged.

All interns and volunteers should take reasonable precautions to protect themselves from potential harassment during the course of their duties. This may include but not limited to avoiding situations which will increase the risk of harassment, being mindful of the potential risk and be alert when leaving the office premises at night, (for females) not meeting client alone in both office and public spaces. Due to the location of the Geylang office, there may be risk of harassment by visitors or drunk patrons from the neighbourhood, especially during the night. 

Any intern or volunteer who witnessed or was subjected to harassment is encouraged to put a stop to the harassment as soon as possible and report the incident to their supervisor/manager, Head of Department or CEO (collectively known as “manager”). Once an incident is raised, the manager must talk with the parties concerned and ensure that appropriate action is taken to manage the issue at the onset. The manager should also advise the affected person to make a police report if the case contravenes the Protection from Harassment Act. A safe environment should be provided for the intern/volunteer to speak up about their discomfort and concerns to allow for early intervention. The matter should be reported to the CEO who will initiate an investigation on any such report received. 

  • Intellectual Properties Rights

Interns/volunteers must recognise that any intellectual properties, training material, knowhow of any description that are developed whilst with HealthServe remains the properties of HealthServe whether or not such properties have been licensed or registered. The use of such properties is confined solely for the purpose of conducting HealthServe’s operations and must not be used for any other purpose without the written consent of the CEO.

Property rights belonging to third parties under license to HealthServe must be used in compliance with the terms and conditions of the license. Any breach of the licensing terms and conditions resulting in monetary penalties will be borne by the intern/volunteer concerned.

  • Conflicts of Interest

Interns/volunteers are required to disclose all conflicted situations. A conflict of interest exists but not necessarily limited to the following:

  1. Interns/volunteers with personal interest (including members of his immediate family) in business transaction or contracts entered that HealthServe may enter into.
  2. Interns/volunteers with interest in entities that HealthServe may have dealings/relationships where the interest of HealthServe may be compromised.
  3. Interns/volunteers who are related to Board members and /or staff of HealthServe.
  4. Interns/volunteers who are serving other organisations as a volunteer or paid staff.
  • Rules and Regulations

HealthServe shall consider servicing notice of termination on any intern/volunteer guilty of infringement of any of the Rules and Regulations listed below.

  1. Failing to faithfully and diligently perform such duties or accept such responsibilities as may from time to time be assigned to you by HealthServe;
  2. Failing to attempt to the utmost of your ability to promote and advance the interests of HealthServe;
  3. Failing to obey and comply with all lawful and reasonable orders and directions given to you by HealthServe;
  4. Failing to faithfully observe all the orders, regulations, procedures, practices and arrangements of HealthServe in relation to the management of HealthServe’s properties and work or for the good conduct of HealthServe’s interns/volunteers;
  5. Releasing personal data, official documents and/or information without prior approval from HealthServe’s senior management and other breaches of HealthServe’s confidentiality and privacy policy;
  6. Committing any wilful or negligent act which results in damage to any goods or property belonging to HealthServe or others, damage to HealthServe’s reputation and interest or endanger the life or safety of any person;
  7. Failing to comply with HealthServe’s policies on information technology security including but not limited to misuse of HealthServe’s property such as office equipment, personal computers, notebooks, network computers, email system and internet;
  8. Committing thefts or fraud or dishonesty in connection with the HealthServe’s operations or property including but not limited to using donations or HealthServe’s property for personal benefit;
  9. Other acts of misbehaviour and misconduct which affects the ability of the intern/volunteer to perform his/her duties, results in damages to HealthServe’s assets/interest/ reputation or engagers the life or safety of another person, including but not limited to:
    1. Gambling or promoting any illegal form of gambling within HealthServe;
    2. Transgressing any penal law of the Republic of Singapore;
    3. Demanding, offering or accepting bribes or any illegal gratification;
    4. False declaration of particulars;
    5. Gross incompetence or insubordination;
    6. Engaging in private business or unlawful activity within HealthServe’s premises;
    7. Making inappropriate comments about HealthServe and its activities on social media or other medium of communication etc;
    8. Being absent from duty without permission or adequate reasons;
    9. Working for any organisation or establishment which might result in conflict of interest, without prior approval from HealthServe’s senior management;
    10. Failing to adhere to HealthServe’s Code of Conduct; and
    11. Not conducting private affairs in a manner befitting of his/her status within HSL.

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