Zhang’s Story

ZHang at Changi Airport being sent off by our case manager, Jeff, and his migrant worker friends.




I am a construction worker. Singapore was my dream place to work because in my mind the work here would be safer and more respecting of human rights. But under the leadership of a Chinese boss, all changed to become unreasonable and harsh. On July 7, 2015, my life changed. That day around 5pm, I fell from a platform 3.5 meters up. After falling unconscious for a minute or two, I woke to find every joint of my body in pain, especially my arm. The day after, only after the company brought me to a hospital for a checkup did I discover my arm was severely fractured. It required a surgery, after which I knew I would possibly not be able to work for a long time. However, the doctor only gave me MC for heavy work, even though I couldn’t do any work at all. I thought about my situation with much anxiety. What could I do? I didn’t know anything about the Singapore legal system. I felt helpless. That is, until I heard some of my friends speak about a charity that could help me. Only after going, did I learn this organization was called Healthserve. The staff at Healthserve have been very patient in helping me resolve my case, walking me through what I should do. Quickly, I felt a sense of peace. There are many people at Healthserve like me who are injured at work and don’t know what to do as a foreign worker but receive help from Healthserve. Day after day, Healthserve provided us with free meals, let those who couldn’t walk stay in a subsidized shelter, and gave us medical care to help us recover. Sometimes the staff would even take us around sightseeing. Seeing the scenery of Singapore helped free our oppressed and suffering hearts. What’s more, as we don’t understand English, the Healthserve brothers would go out of their way and tirelessly provide translation. In addition, they would give us 20 dollars each month in MRT money. Healthserve gave us foreign workers so much help—it was unbelievable!  The selfless dedication and love made us foreign workers feel the warmth of home. We are sincerely grateful to you for all the help. Healthserve didn’t have an obligation to do this for us, but day after day, year after year, they do. We hold much thanksgiving in our hearts and wish all the brothers and sisters who helped us at Healthserve much youth and health!


At the end of February 2016, 8 months after his injury, Zhang received his much-deserved work-injury compensation, and his employer purchased his flight back home. He headed back to China in early March and now is with his family and loved ones.

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