30 Years of Dedication

28-year-old Ali Mohmin first arrived in Singapore on 31 May 1993. He could still recall the day so vividly — at 7pm on a Wednesday, Ali set foot in what would become his second home for the next three decades. 

Hailing from Munshiganj in Bangladesh, Ali came to Singapore with the hopes of supporting his family. Although his parents had insisted that he take on a local job, Ali believed he could better provide for them by working here.

At home also can take care (of my family), but here, more money. Automatically, myself is the last thought.

For the next 30 years, Ali worked tirelessly in the construction sector, where he helped to build HDBs.

In 2012, Ali was diagnosed with diabetes. However, Ali didn’t think it was a cause for concern as he was young, healthy and active. He never sought proper treatment. It was only when he resumed working after the COVID-19 dormitory lockdown that Ali felt his body getting weaker. 

In September 2021, Ali visited HealthServe’s clinic for the first time upon recommendations from his friends. Since then, he has been visiting our clinic regularly to keep his condition under control, and now feels healthier. 

As he now lives in a dormitory near his workplace, Ali has also picked up the habit of cycling to work every day to keep fit. 

On one visit last December, Ali participated in our art engagement activity for the first time. Having always been busy with work, Ali shared that he has never had the time to explore his hobbies and interests. 

“When resting, it’s time to call family and talk, cook, washing, then sleep,” he shared. Ali really appreciated the opportunity to just relax and revel in the moment. 

Reminded of how much his daughter enjoyed drawing flowers back at home, Ali decided to draw one too. 

The last time Ali visited home was in 2018. Though he misses his family a lot, Ali always reminds himself to take it all in stride. 

He believes that these sacrifices are part and parcel of his journey to build a brighter future for his family, especially for his daughters aged 18 and 14 and his 7-year-old son.  

Everything focus is to take care of the children. My life now no thinking. Now, very hard job I do, I okay. But next time, my son don’t do this hard job. Just work easy job.

After over 30 years of dedication and hard work, Ali’s plans for his family are well underway. He now owns a piece of land back at home where he’s built a house for his whole family to live together. 

“Even when I die, no need to worry, they have a home,” Ali shared. 

His ultimate goal to run his own cow farm is still in the pipeline, but, for now, Ali is looking forward to finally being able to spend quality time with his children. 

He hopes to return home this year ◡̈ 

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