A Grateful Voice from the Tuas Explosion

“[H]is faith is also something he holds on to quite strongly. He is happy to be alive, and I think he values life and the friendships he has even more.”

More than a year after the tragic Tuas Explosion incident, HealthServe sent off our Bangladeshi migrant friend, Jitu, as he returned home after the conclusion of his Work Injury Compensation Act(WICA) case. Accompanying him at the airport is Jeffrey, HealthServe’s Head of Casework & Social Services, who supported Jitu throughout his case.

“[I feel] very very good. My family (is) waiting for me,” shared Jitu – it has been more than a year since he last visited his family.

Jitu had worked in Singapore for 9 years when he sustained a severe work-related injury in February of 2021. Subsequently, HealthServe was called in to support Jitu where he received financial assistance and psychosocial support, including wellness activities.

Jeffrey recalls the moment when he first met Jitu at the Burns Unit of Singapore General Hospital(SGH) in March 2021. At that time, Jeffrey was also liaising with the Ministry of Manpower, Assurance, Care and Engagement (MOM ACE) group, Jitu’s employer, brother and SGH Medical Social Service(MSW) to better support Jitu’s recovery journey. He vividly remembers that Jitu  remained dejected and felt helpless after the accident.

“He couldn’t bring himself to look into the mirror, [and was] unwilling to talk to his mother over a video call.”

Aside from the regular visits Jeffrey made to the hospital, he arranged for Sudipta (HealthServe’s Bengali staff counsellor) to support and encourage Jitu during this stressful period.

While Jitu’s journey to recoverywas difficult, the pair enjoyed many happy moments. From the intensive care unit(ICU) to the High Dependency unit (Burns Unit), to Outram Community Hospital, and eventually returning to his dormitory, Jeffrey fondly recounted that every recovery milestone Jitu made was a joyous moment.

“I think knowing that he has hope is probably one of the happiest moments – at least I know he was sort of out of the woods.”

“(Also), knowing that his employer has been fully supportive of his recovery is another happy moment. And his employer truly did a lot for him, allowing him to go through multiple surgeries to reconstruct and improve his features,” added Jeffrey.

Throughout the course of their interaction, Jeffrey has also learnt much from Jitu. Gratitude, relationships and faith were some of the most important life lessons Jeffrey gleaned from this incident.

“I think he reminded me of the importance of friends and family support. He also holds ‘no grudge’ nor does he blames anyone for the accident.”

Jitu has constantly expressed how grateful he is for all the help he has received.

“HealthServe many many help me. Thank you for the healthcare.”

While he is excited to go back to Bangladesh and spend time with his family, Jitu also shared that he plans on returning to Singapore in future – “I like Singapore. All, everything I like Singapore”.

We are grateful to have met and helped a brother like Jitu. We thank him for the work that he has done in Singapore and wish him all the best!

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