Appreciating the Sacrifices LH has made for his Family

As the sole breadwinner of his family, LH came to Singapore in search of better job prospects. He worried about providing for his parents’ health due to old age, a wife and an 8 year old daughter, who is learning to dance. 

Early April 2018, as LH was hacking a wall to make a hole, concrete fell onto his hand injuring his left middle finger. 

Unfortunately, LH’s employer told him to wait outside, only calling the safety officer at 9pm. His employer was not happy with the injury. By then, LH could only go to the hospital the next morning, due to the wait for public transport. The hospital put him on cast for only 10 days, a night’s stay and gave the green light or “light duty”.  At that time, LH’s hand was still largely immobile and in pain. He wanted to change hospitals but his employer did not want him to. It was very unfortunate for him –  in the construction industry, based on the nature of the work, the term “light duty” rarely applies. 

LH heard about HealthServe through a lawyer who introduced him here. When asked about what HealthServe has done for him, he mentioned that besides taking care of his basic needs, such as eating, clothing and shelter, he feels happy to know that he is being cared for despite his injury. He is grateful for the many friends he has made in HealthServe, due to their magnanimous and similar personalities, and for the outings, such as fishing and the sunflower exhibition at Sentosa.

It has been 2 years since he came to Singapore and has last seen his family. He has since returned to China and reunited with his family. 

Take time to appreciate the sacrifices our loved ones make for us.

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