Beyond the Language Barrier

At the end of 2016, after saying goodbye to his parents, sister, wife and young son, LK arrived in Singapore from Khulna, Bangladesh for the second time.  

Six years ago, LK had worked in Singapore. However, he shared that due to low pay, poor facilities and the strong need to rest, he returned to Bangladesh for 2 years. 

Back in Bangladesh, LK used to own a Garment textile shop which he started with a close friend. He later sold half of his shares to his friend. 

He first heard about Singapore through word of mouth in his hometown. Shortly after, he signed up to a training centre with many other people from his district to prepare them for work in Singapore. 

LK had always heard positive things about Singapore and its laws and how good the environment was. But when he arrived he realised that it was more challenging than he expected. There was a clear language barrier, and he had to learn how to get around. 

Apart from the stresses from being away from his family and having to adapt to a new environment, LK also worried a lot about his parents. His father has a persistent heart condition, and his mother had a stomach ulcer for a year. 

If there wasn’t already enough to worry about, in November of 2018, when LK was at work, there was an excavator lifting a container. As he was helping with the lifting, from where he stood, he could not see that the plate had shifted and was shocked when it suddenly fell. The container crushed his right index finger. 

LK was immediately brought to the hospital where he received surgery on the same day. As a result of the incident, KA lost one of his fingers and suffered an injury to his right foot which prevented him from walking for several months. After this he was unable to return to work. 

Shortly after LK was admitted to the hospital, he would be joined by a roommate called J, which is where he would hear about HealthServe and got connected shortly after. After one month at the hospital, his company transferred him to a nursing home. 

HealthServe continued to follow up with LK and he received help from us with meals and weekly visits when some of the staff would come visit him and J at the hospital.

Unfortunately, because of his condition he is unable to attend any of our outings, but is grateful for the visits he receives from HealthServe staff at the nursing home. 

LK had not seen his family since arriving in Singapore in 2016, due to the heavy agent fees that he is charged with for each subsequent trip to Singapore, but recently was able to return. He had missed his mother’s home cooked food dearly and shared that if he had the chance, he would go back to school and pursue a degree in Economics. 

We continue to wish LK a good recovery and lots of luck for the future!

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