Earnest Evon, our Volunteer Archivist

“I think this is where I see humanity at its best, people willing to reach out.” 

This is what motivates Evon to keep volunteering at HealthServe. Besides food project and shelter, she feels that HealthServe stands apart from other migrant worker service providers due to our medical services. In witnessing the help we try to provide to our migrant brothers, she finds the human sympathy we have for fellow humans very admirable. 

Evon has been an archivist for HealthServe for over 4 years. She has been trying to archive any materials pertaining to HealthServe and has migrated everything from an old software to a new one. This way, it will be easier to access information related to HealthServe, be it media news, publications or pictures.

She was introduced by a very good friend who knew Dr Goh, HealthServe’s Chairman and Co-founder, and during that time they were looking for a volunteer who could help with archiving. She chooses to volunteer at HealthServe as she finds the staff extremely passionate about what they do. Upon reading the testimonies of these migrant brothers while archiving, she is also reminded of the migrant workers who have really been comforted and helped. 

She feels that most of the time people see these migrant brothers but do not really notice them or take time to think about the difficulties they may face, such as being away from their family and their current circumstances. “I think that [these migrant brothers] find [HealthServe] as some place where they can find people they trust and be comfortable with sharing stories.” 

Moreover, she finds it very touching to know that Jeffery Chua, HealthServe’s Head of Casework and Social Services, goes back to China from time to time to visit the migrant brothers who he’s helped with in the past. To her, although the job is done and HealthServe has already helped them in getting whatever assistance they require, she feels heartened to know that the effort to keep in touch and make sure that they are coping well is made.

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