Getting better with help and support

X* was in Singapore for just slightly over a year, but his journey hasn’t been easy by any means.

Shortly after arriving in Singapore in July 2019, he tells us he sustained a serious injury after falling from the back of a moving vehicle while working in the waste management sector. He struck his head on the ground and injured his skull, rendering him unconscious for two days during which he underwent surgery. The incident left him hard of hearing in his left ear and in need of a crutch to move around.

After hearing about HealthServe from another migrant worker, he visited our office in Geylang, where he got in contact with our casework staff. Subsequently, he received assistance from HealthServe in the form of financial assistance and meals. He also participated in some wellness activities and events, where he met and befriended other migrant workers and fellow countrymen.

When asked about how he felt upon arriving in Singapore to work, X* tells us that he was initially very happy. However, after getting injured, he grew increasingly frustrated and disappointed in how his case was handled by his employer and the relevant authorities; he cites much inefficiency and lack of clarity in the current systems.

Prior to getting in touch with HealthServe, the weeks after his accident were largely spent alone in his dormitory, where he fell into a deep depression and was plagued with constant thoughts of suicide. His inability to work due to poor mobility dealt a huge blow to what he could send back home to his elderly mother and a teenage daughter. However, we are pleased to note that the X* that we saw off at the airport in August was one of a markedly cheerful disposition — in his time with HealthServe, X* has seen tremendous improvement in his mental health and outlook.

We are happy to have been able to lend a hand and a listening ear on his road to recovery. As we bade goodbye to X* as he returned to his hometown in Henan, we at HealthServe were greatly encouraged by the turnaround we have managed to accomplish in his case — one that reinforces that, for our migrant workers that have largely come to Singapore on their own, there’s no telling what a sense of community and comfort cannot do.

(*name has been changed to protect his privacy)

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