Hope in a Helpless Situation for R

When his father passed away halfway through his college, R had to cease schooling and start working to generate income for his family. Putting aside his childhood desire to study in Australia, R came to Singapore to work, after being advised by a friend.

A loving husband devoted to his family back in India, R works hard to provide for his family. The bulk of his pay goes to the living expenses of his family, and a frugal lifestyle for himself. R endures the physical exhaustion to provide especially for his elderly, widowed mum. Unfortunately, one accident threw his family’s life into disarray.

On November 2017, a small foreign object entered his 4th right finger while he was working. He was sent to different clinics over the next 8 days. Unfortunately his employer did not provide the right assistance for him and gradually, he suffered a bad infection which worsened his condition. He underwent a surgery where his bone was grafted from the lower part of his hand to mend the deteriorating bone in his 4th right finger. His 4th finger is completely bent and locked that way.

R had been with HealthServe for around 4 months. During this period, he had received much financial assistance and concern from HealthServe who would ask about his well-being. He is thankful that there are people in HealthServe who he can share problems with. HealthServe has also tried to come up with an action plan with him so that he can mange his time back in India, with his disabilities. Last month, he has received compensation and reimbursement for his medical bills and went back to Bangladesh.
It is not easy staying in a foreign country and not knowing what to do. It can be a very helpless situation for them thus let’s strive to make a better place for our migrant workers.

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