Leaving with New Friends and Fond memories

“I cannot pick one happy moment [at HealthServe], all are happy moments.”   

A few days ago, we bid farewell to one of our dearest brothers, S.   

Before coming to Singapore, S was studying in university back in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, when the financial crisis hit, he was forced out of school. He then heard from his friends about jobs available in Singapore, and paid $10,000 in agent fees before landing a job in construction.  In January 2019, S was at work when a metal plank dropped from 2m high onto his shoulder, neck and lower back. He fainted immediately and was in immense pain. According to him, his employer did not bring him to hospital and brought him instead to 2 GPs – one on the day of injury and one the following day after he spoke of the unbearable pain. When he was brought to the hospital after, he claims his employer refused to take care of him, leaving him unable to work and unsure of what he should do. S then turned to HealthServe by the recommendation of a friend.  

In his time at HealthServe, S has received not just medical help but also help for his case, counselling sessions, and meals from food project. With other HealthServe brothers, he has also gone for several outings, and was one of the few who received a Scholarship from us to participate in SDI Academy’s Entrepreneurship course. With his gentle yet cheerful disposition and proficient English, he regularly helped to translate for other Bangladeshi brothers when they come to the drop in centre. Being able to hang out with friends, most of whom he met only through HealthServe, he claims has made him much happier. When asked what he would miss most about Singapore, he grew sad as he fondly mentioned his fellow brothers, and the people at HealthServe.   

Sumon back in Bangladesh

As of today, his case has been resolved and we sent him off to the airport in the company of many friends! We wish for S to have a safe and joyous return home, and all the best in his future endeavours! 

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