Hopeful for his case to be resolved

MS, who was used to having six seasons in Bangladesh, was surprised to see that the weather here is the same everyday. But, having worked as a fish farmer and a garment maker prior to construction, he was good at adapting. He’s been in Singapore for 2 years now, and not only enjoys […]

Regaining Strength in His Hands

CR first started working as a carpenter when he was 17 years old, upon completion of his secondary school education. In hopes of a higher paying job to support his family, CR decided to leave his family of 6 back in his home province in Jiangsu, China. Since then, he has worked in […]

The Power of a Good Haircut

The need for a good haircut often transcends language and culture – this is best exemplified by one of our dearest migrant brothers, SW!  A trained hairdresser back in China, SW came over to Singapore to become a construction worker, in an effort to better provide for his family. However, a workplace accident […]

Trusting in the Process

Numb. That is how WY felt physically and emotionally when a metal block fell from 26 floors above and landed on his back while he was working.  He had come to Singapore 18 years prior to provide for his ill mother, and now he would be unable to help her and the rest […]

TK’s Second Home

A resident at HealthServe Desker Shelter, TK was hoping to return home this Deepavali to see his family of 5 and was especially looking forward to seeing his two little ones, who have just started Kindergarten and Primary school. He last saw his family 3 years ago. Unfortunately, while he was washing an […]

Hope in a Helpless Situation for R

When his father passed away halfway through his college, R had to cease schooling and start working to generate income for his family. Putting aside his childhood desire to study in Australia, R came to Singapore to work, after being advised by a friend. A loving husband devoted to his family back in […]

Appreciating the Sacrifices LH has made for his Family

As the sole breadwinner of his family, LH came to Singapore in search of better job prospects. He worried about providing for his parents’ health due to old age, a wife and an 8 year old daughter, who is learning to dance.  Early April 2018, as LH was hacking a wall to make […]

The Road to Recovery and New Opportunities

41-year-old GW was born and lived in a village he described to be surrounded by “mountains, hills and a river” in Hubei, China. Being in the construction industry as a carpenter for over 20 years, GW has several working experiences abroad, such as Algeria and Vietnam, where he believes he can get higher […]

Earnest Evon, our Volunteer Archivist

“I think this is where I see humanity at its best, people willing to reach out.”  This is what motivates Evon to keep volunteering at HealthServe. Besides food project and shelter, she feels that HealthServe stands apart from other migrant worker service providers due to our medical services. In witnessing the help we […]

SL – Stroke survivor

SL came to Singapore in 2013 from Hebei to better support his family. As the sole breadwinner he was responsible for earning enough to fund his two sons’ education and future. One of his son’s also has respiratory issues whilst his wife is the main caregiver of his ill mother. Unfortunately, last July, […]

YG – Finding Joy in the simplest things

Having a curious liking for wearing his glasses upside down – behind the nape of his neck – is just one of YG’s many quirks that make him such an endearing personality. Hailing from Taishan, Henan China, YG was previously employed in a wine-processing factory, located just 600m from his house, before coming […]

SC’s Story

Leaving behind his family, SC came over to Singapore hoping for a better lifestyle for his family. He heard of this prospect through employment agencies. He had hopes of opening a business in the future and lead a simple, happy life. Unfortunately, in September 2018, SC injured the nerve of his index finger […]

Leader of the Pack

Zhang Sheng Xian first heard of the opportunity to work in Singapore from Building & Construction Authority of Singapore when the organisation advertised in his hometown in Jiang Su (Nantong). Leaving behind his wife and now 26-year old son, he began his work stint in the construction sector in Singapore almost 20 years […]

Leaving with Many New Friends

JF hails from Yantai, a city in Shandong province. Leaving behind his parents, wife and two children, he came to Singapore to work in the wood industry in May 2017. In September 2018, he sawed part of his leg by accident during work. He fainted on the spot and was sent to the […]

Hardships in a Foreign Land

For those who had the opportunity to interact with Li Zhen An, I believe most of us would agree that speaking to him is tough because of his heavy accent. The words he uses are in different intonations from what we have learnt in school, making it difficult for us to understand him […]


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